How to Maintain the Leather of Backgammon?

These comprehensive cleaning instructions for your leather Backgammon set are provided for your convenience.

How to Maintain the Leather of Backgammon?

Backgammon sets made of leather are more difficult to clean and maintain than their other alternatives like wooden Backgammon.

 You can easily clean the leather material of the backgammon set by using a piece of wet cloth that has leather polish on it. If you wish to clean the leather of the backgammon set's exterior. It is perhaps possible that you may use shoe polish to clean the leather of the backgammon set.


  1. First, vacuum the felt using a handheld vacuum cleaner, and then use a moist cloth and some light soap to give it a good washing.
  2. After giving the felt or velour used for backgammon a gentle and judicious rinsing with water, you should next use a blow dryer to dry the clean felt or velour used in your backgammon set. In order to further clean the velour or felt of your backgammon set, you may comb it thoroughly.
  3. If your backgammon set has been sitting about in dirt for a while, the individual pieces, such as the checkers and the dice, may be readily cleaned with some polish or just some soap water.
  4. To ensure that no component will be overlooked during the cleaning process, you should do the task in a basin or bucket with a shallow interior so that every component can be seen at once.

The Bottom Line

You should now be able to clean and maintain your preferred backgammon set anytime it is necessary to do so. You will have a lot easier time enjoying your backgammon set today, and it will also have a longer lifespan as a result of this makeover.